Once you've started your journey into the fitness industry there are many ways to develop your career and choose a specialism. Once you've qualified as a fitness instructor, you can take a range of professional development courses to enhance your employability and add variety to your work.

Take your career to the next level

We have a wide range of varied courses you can take to develop your career further. The fitness industry is constantly changing so it's vital to keep broadening your skills and updating your knowledge.

1 day courses

1 day courses

Expand your portfolio and give your classes an edge by taking our short courses. Impress your clients with the latest techniques and fitness knowledge, and be qualified and ready to teach within just 1 day. Prove that you are staying relevant in an everchanging industry by adding more skills, CIMSPA and REPs points.

Specialist courses


You've qualified as a Personal Trainer, Yoga or Pilates Instructor, but don't just stop there. Take your career to the next level by specialising in a specific population group and offer exclusive fitness classes to a broader client base. This is a profitable way to refine your skills, boost your career and progress as a trainer. 

Tutoring and assessing

Tutoring and assessing

You enjoy teaching... you have the fitness knowledge to train new instructors and after taking these courses, you will have the qualifications to do this too. Guide newcomers into the fitness industry by becoming a Tutor, Assessor or Quality Assurer. Whether you want to do this on the side or make it your full-time role, this is a rewarding way to boost your income and expand your fitness knowledge.

Looking to change your fitness career?

Call us to find out how to enhance your skills, expand into new areas and work with new clients.

Career changers

If you are looking to move into a new discipline, you may qualify for our career changer courses. Expanding into new areas means that you'll have a wider choice of places to work, clients to train and you'll improve your offering as an instructor. Depending on whether you hold a Level 2 or 3 Anatomy and Physiology qualification, you can take the practical elements of certain entry level courses.