How to become an Exercise to Music Instructor

Are you looking to turn your passion for music and fitness into an exciting career? Then You’ve come to the right place as we are the UK’s most experienced fitness training provider and have helped develop over 125,000 careers in the industry. 

This is a great time to join the fitness industry.

The demand for experienced fitness professionals is on the rise, so there’s never been a better time to start your career in the fitness industry. ETM classes continue to grow in popularity as it makes a fun and exciting way to exercise. 

Step 1: Research your new career

Researching a career as an Exercise to Music Instructor should be your starting point. It will help you form an idea of the skills and qualifications you will need, as well as what a career in ETM will look like for you. 

 Here are a few useful bits of information which will help you with your research:

If you would like to work as Group Exercise to Music Instructor, you will need a CIMSPA-accredited Level 2 qualification, good communication skills, and the ability to plan and motivate other people.
Your hours may not be the normal 9 to 5. You may get to set your hours and work evenings, weekends and early mornings around other roles or responsibilities.
There are plenty of opportunities to work as a freelancer, self employed or employed by a gym, studio or leisure centre.
Popular ETM classes include: Dance Fitness, Body Conditioning, Zumba and Spin.

Step 2: Choose your course

To become an Exercise to Music Instructor in the UK, you will need a CIMSPA accredited Level 2 Certificate in Group Exercise to Music.

Once you have done some initial research, talking to an expert will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions and fully prepare yourself for your new course and career. 

This is why at YMCAfit, you are required to talk to a course advisor[request a callback page] before you can book one of our entry-level courses.  They are able to answer any questions that you might have or know of support to make the most of your course.

Step 3: Learn and qualify

You will learn a lot of exciting new skills and vital knowledge. There will be a lot of information, but with a good training provider you will have a wealth of support and fantastic tutors to inspire and guide you. Our Tutors are the best in the industry (82% of our students have said they are “exceptional”) and  we have invested in an incredible support team to help our students to qualify and thrive. 

We’ll give you all the tools, knowledge and support you need to complete your qualification and go on to have an amazing career with our exceptional tutors, an on-hand support team, a designated learning support tutor, support workshops, a revision tips hotline and more. 

Contact us to find out more about becoming an Exercise to Music Instructor

Step 4: Get insured and join professional bodies

You’ll need insurance if you plan to be a freelance ETM or set up your own business. You could find yourself liable for costs if a client gets injured or unable to offer your services without it. Insurance can drastically differ on cost, level of cover and additional support so you will need to research what service is best for you.

Read our short guide about Insurance for fitness professionals for more information and advice.

Step 5: Start working

Once you’ve qualified, you will be able to immediately apply for a job and start teaching classes at your local gym, club or leisure centre.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a shortage of fitness professionals and employers actively seek our graduates so you shouldn’t have difficulty in finding a job.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you could also start your own business by hiring out a local space and offering your own classes.

Step 6: Take your career to the next level

Once you have completed your course and qualified, you will discover an exciting world of opportunities and training that can help you develop your career.

Explore new skills, gain new clients, and help maintain your certification with Continued Professional development courses (CPDs) or enhance your career as you train as a Personal Trainer.

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