Enhance profitability and increase staff retention by taking on a YMCA-trained apprentice or training up your staff with a YMCA apprenticeship. We offer nationally recognised qualifications - giving apprentices real life, role-specific skills that will add value and productivity to your business.

Developing skills for the working world

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Not only do we give our apprentices the vocational skills they need to succeed in a workplace, but the tools to work effectively within a team. Apprentices get the opportunity to earn a salary while receiving free training from industry experts, who support them in improving career prospects and future earning potential.

What we offer

Recruiting an apprentice

YMCAfit can help with your recruitment by giving you access to a growing pool of the finest fitness industry talent, additionally we offer a recruitment day prior to beginning the programme.

Apprenticeships for staff

We will work with you to design your training and deliver a package to fit your organisation’s time, location and budgetary requirements. Increase your retention rates and improve staff aptitude and motivation with our range of apprenticeships.
Why should you choose YMCAfit?

Established in 1984, YMCAfit is the UK’s most experienced training provider. We have developed the largest portfolio of fitness training products available and work with numerous employers and businesses, helping them maximise the potential of their staff. By teaming up with YMCAfit, you will also benefit from:

Levy transition support

We give you all the knowledge you need about how the new Apprenticeship Levy can impact your business, and the necessary steps you will need to take.

Want to transform your business?

Find out how we can upskill, support and develop your workforce.

Who we work with

We work with a range of companies from all sectors, creating initiatives and fostering partnerships.