Vinyasa Yoga

Learn about one of the more versatile contemporary styles of yoga, Vinyasa, in this CPD course. Design exciting and challenging programmes for your wide range of clients.

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About this Vinyasa Yoga course

From the Sanskrit ‘to place in a special way’ the Vinyasa Yoga course will include how vinyasa aligns a sequence of movement with the breath in a continuous flow. Learn how to link movement and breath to attain a balance in the mind and body as you explore the benefits of setting an intention and taking steps to reach it by using diverse sequences and flow between movements.

This course will teach you to design exciting and challenging programmes for your clients. You will be able to teach diverse and engaging classes, that can have gentle and restorative to vigorous and energised themes.

Course format


Online Classroom-based learning.
3 sessions each lasting 4 hours.


  • Utilise a range of sequences that will suit the needs of all yoga participants.
  • Structure a Vinyasa session from the warming and awakening through the build-up sequences to prepare the body safely and effectively.
  • Develop and successfully create a union of breath and movement.
  • Improve student observation skills.
  • Guide your participants in setting an intention and personal focus.
  • Include Pranayama and Bandhas within your Vinyasa flow sessions.


  • Teach one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.
  • Teach diverse and engaging classes, that can have gentle and restorative to vigorous and energised themes.

Career progression

  • Increases your earning potential and employability.
  • Broaden your client base and help boost your earnings.
  • Learn the skills and knowledge to build a longstanding career.
  • Increase the range of yoga classes that you can offer.
  • Stand out with a CIMSPA-accredited qualification.


  • Taught by experienced and industry-qualified tutors who will provide guidance and support throughout the course.
  • Unparalleled support online, over the phone and in person.

YMCAfit Vinyasa Yoga
  • Anyone over 16.
  • You will need a current Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga qualification or equivalent.

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