STOTT PILATES® Workshop Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Matwork Programming for Stability & Function

Explore the anatomy and biomechanics involved in the normal healthy functioning of the lumbo-pelvic region in this workshop developed by the Merrithew™ team.

Course Type: Workshop


0.2 CECs



About this workshop

This workshop explores the anatomy and biomechanics involved in the normal healthy functioning of the lumbo-pelvic region, some of the dysfunctions that can occur and exercise progressions to restore optimal function. Explore the available movements and ideal functioning of the lumbo-pelvic region while considering the lumbar spine, pelvis, hip and surrounding musculature. Learn how common abnormal or dysfunctional movement patterns and postures are addressed. Finally, you’ll learn Matwork exercises incorporating a variety of small props and progressions to rebuild normal muscle action and movement patterning are outlined.


Workshop detail

This is a 2 hour workshop developed by the Merrithew® team.

What you will learn

  • Understand the optimal function and movement patterns of lumbo-pelvic region.
  • Review anatomy and muscular involvement in a variety of areas.
  • Understand common dysfunctions due to injury, overuse or disease.
  • Utilise Mat-based exercises and progressions to optimize lumbo-pelvic function.
  • You must be over 16.
  • Open to all Fitness Professionals and Pilates Instructors.

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