If you are need of newly qualified instructors, trained to a standard you can trust, then we can help you out by directing our outstanding graduates to your business. Whether you are a large employer or work with a small select team we can assist you in finding that perfect candidate for your organisation. Our dedicated Apprenticeship team will take complete care of the recruitment process from start to finish, including vacancy advertising, candidate short listing and interviewing at no cost to your business. 

New apprentice process:

  • Applicant applies on the national apprenticeship portal
  • CV is then reviewed against criteria and a telephone interview takes place I.E. right to work, qualifications, age
  • CV is forwarded to the employer 
  • Employer creates shortlist
  • YMCA forwards eligibility tests (online maths and english)
  • Learner attends interview
  • Role is offered
  • Start date agreed between YMCAfit employer and learner
  • We attend day one of training to complete the apprenticeship sign up process

Current employee process:

  • Staff member or manager initially contacts us to discuss staff upskill
  • Skills analysis is completed to determine the best route forward
  • Staff member completes application form to check for eligibility of candidate 
  • Course start date agreed by both parties
  • We attend day one of the course to complete sign up process