How to feedback on your course

We are constantly working to improve our courses and services for you. We value your opinion and by giving us your feedback, we can keep making improvements.

How to appeal your result

You work is assessed against agreed and published criteria and your achievement is decided by experienced assessors who are qualified in assessing and/or internally verifying in the active leisure sector.

If you don't agree with your result and you'd like to appeal against the assessment decision, you'd need to do this within 20 days of receiving your results.

To do this please refer to the Appeals Procedure in the Student Handbook. Send this form and supporting documents to:

  • The Service Delivery Manager, YMCA Fitness Industry Training, 111 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NP

Providing evidence

It is extremely difficult to investigate appeals without impartial evidence. Any appeals against a referral in practical teaching must be accompanied by video evidence. You can video any part of your assessment; however, you must ensure that the video shows both the teacher, you and the class participants in order to accurately reflect the safety and effectiveness of the session taught.

If you choose to video your class, we can help you but we accept no responsibility for any arrangements or equipment related to this. Also, you must not interfere with other students' assessments or disrupt the class. Please give notice if you are intending to video during the assessment-planning phase of your programme.