Find out about how to have a successful career as a Sports Massage Therapist including the requirements, qualifications you'll need, hours, salary and how to get started.

Sports massage therapy has become a sought after skill within the fitness industry. Sports Massage Therapists can help anyone - from athletes to occasional gym users and will need to prevent injuries as much as treat them. We've put together a guide on how to become a Sports Massage Therapist including the skills you'll need, what the hours will be like, the income you can expect and the opportunities that are out there.

Courses to get you started

Take the first step to a successful career with a highly-regarded qualification. The Diploma in Sports Massage gives you all the skills and knowledge you'll need for a longstanding career. With practical workshops and treatments from peers leading to an internationally-recognised qualification. This is the perfect grounding you need to start your career in fitness.

Skills you'll need

A career as a Sports Massage Therapist means you'll need to be caring both about the physical and mental state of your clients. This means you'll need:

  • To enjoy working closely with people
  • Good communication skills.
  • To be able to put any clents who are experiencing physical and mental stress at ease and make them feel comfortable.

The work

Day to day as a Sports Massage Therapist, you can be working with a range of different clients. Depending on whether you are employed or freelance, you could be working with sports professionals or everyday gym goes.

You could be:

  • Treating injuries, which may be longstanding.
  • Identifying problem areas early.
  • Helping to prevent injuries before they occur.


Your hours may not be the normal 9 to 5. You may get to set your own hours but you may also need to be a little flexible and work some evenings and weekends. It will really depend when your clients can do - you'll need to work round them.


The usual range for an employed sports massage therapist is between £18k and £25k.Your salary will depend on your level of experience, where you're working and the number of clients you have. If you work freelance you can charge an hourly rate - usually between £25 to £30 dependent on your experience level.


There are many opportunities out there once you're a qualified sports massage therapist. The requirement for this skill is on the rise. We have developed recruitment partnerships to help get your fitness career off to the best possible start. Find out more about this on our blog.

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