It can be difficult to know which career you want when you don't know what it involves. That's why we've compiled some helpful information on what it's really like to work in the fitness industry to help you find the right fit for you.


Below we've put together some expert guides to a career in the fitness industry. These include some important information to help you decide on the right path for you. From salary and hours through to what a typical day looks like in these roles, get the facts you need to make the right choice for a successful career.

PT students learning what it takes to become a personal trainer

Personal Trainer guide

Read our Personal Trainer guide where we share the skills and qualifications you’ll need to become a professional PT. The guide includes key tips such as the salary you can expect to earn and the number of hours you should work.
Yoga students learning what it takes to become a yoga instructor

Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Find out how to have a successful career as a Yoga Instructor with advice on the skills you'll need and how to get started.

Becoming a sports massage therapist

The fitness industry is crying out for more sports massage therapists, so there's never better time to get started. Read more about what you can expect from this career below.
Looking for a career in fitness?

Find out about the different routes into the industry and we'll help you to choose your career path.