A commitment to improving quality within the fitness industry

We are dedicated to enabling students realise their full potential. Our partnerships, comprised of suppliers, industry experts, and individuals help us accomplish this through innovation and market intelligence. By developing a training programme for exercise and fitness teachers, the London Central YMCA has ensured the high quality of its own courses and set standards of excellence in exercise teacher training.

YMCAfit is committed to raising standards in the fitness industry by ensuring the instructors we train have the skills knowledge and confidence to not just perform their role, but to exceed the expectations of employers and customers. We aim to produce instructors who inspire the broadest possible range of people to improve their health and physical fitness. Furthermore, our partners ensure that students have the best opportunity to be successful in the fitness industry. 

Why partner with us
  • Strong affiliations with governing bodies 
  • Access to special projects including Community Activator and Instructability
  • Graduate support and work placement 
  • Technologically at the forefront of the industry
  • Specialist expertise
  • Advanced training in specialist fields
Our partners